A pre-university certificate is often a qualification or document that demonstrates satisfactory completion of a pre-university program or course. Preuniversity programs aim to prepare students for higher education, typically at the university level. These programs are commonly pursued after completing secondary education (high school) and before enrolling in university.

1. Foundation programs (secondary education) are often one-year programs that provide further academic preparation in disciplines related to the selected field of study. They intend to close the gap between secondary education and university-level study.

2. Pre-University Certificate (Senior Secondary): PUC Arts, Commerce, and Science offered by Sangai International University. Students typically study a predetermined number of subjects for two years, and their success is evaluated through exams. Pre-university certificates are frequently accepted for university admission.

The pre-university certificate offered by Sangai International University Manipur is worldwide recognized. It entails a well-rounded curriculum that covers a wide range of courses, and students are evaluated through exams

Sangai International University is based in Churachandpur, Manipur, India. Sangai International University offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in subjects such as arts, sciences, commerce, engineering, and more. Accreditation: the university is recognized By University Grants Commision and accredited by the appropriate educational authorities in India.

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